Heraldry is a escutcheon-generating web-app and twitter bot, developed on a whim after an intense bout of burning curiosity surrounding the medieval art of heraldry.

I spent quite some time researching the composition, history and idiosyncrasies of the artform, and later another length of time with the art of blazonry.

I've learnt a great deal and come to a profound appreciation for the poetic terseness of a well-bazoned coat of arms.

Quarterly, I azure, four Folded Hands Or sleeved azure, II Or, a hotdog bendwise proper, III Or, IV azure

The bot has enjoyed continued updates to reflect new emoji releases and the occasional new design, as well as continued improvements to my bespoke blazonry. Indeed, since no repository of pre-blazoned emoji exists, I've had to make my own.

['🧜‍♀️', 'mermaid# Or vested gules of hair azure, dexter arm raised', azure],

Using a system of hashes, brackets and some edge-case handlers, I can generate plurals of each emoji, and as of writing plan to finally make the bot tincture-aware with it's charges (the heraldic word for the objects & designs placed upon a shield).

Argent, in a pale purpure, three tulips slipped and leaved proper

The bot is currently hosted on glitch, where a small node environment listens for pings from an external service, waiting to post images to twitter. Find it live here, and source code here.

And Find below two early examples of the bot at work, before I switched emoji sets on account of copyright grounds.

Argent, in a pile purpure a basket gules, in chief two legs embowed Or
Quarterly, I argent, four cherry blossom argent, II gules, a laughing crying emoji proper, III gules, IV argent

Thank you :)