The organization app

Jars was the longest-running under-development app I've made to date by technicality: now integrated into all new projects on this site, Jars started in 2017 as an desktop app built to organise my daily life.

Jars v2.0.2, August 2019

It started as a way to formalize and keep record of the markdown documents that preceded it:, & (among others) that I used to organise my life.

Jars v2.0.2 editor view, August 2019

I started development with a Vue and Electron framework hybrid, to teach myself both. I think in that regard it's been a wild succes, and I learned ES6 along the way as well.

Inspiration for the project in it's current form conceptually borrows from Josh Avanier's log and other similar works. A prominent component of this version of Jars utilises a calendar representation written by Alexey Botkov.

Jars is so named after the Christopher Crawford ritual of moving a colored bean from one jar to another each day, acknowledging the passage of time and one's best use of it.

Jars' ever-changing logo is effectively an hourglass for the 80 year lifespan.

Early Design

Illustrator to JS
From concept to code

NYE Build 2017 build, pre-refactor

early jars header
The header detail, which incorporates the death countdown from the life page.

The app homepage, v.0.0.2

The project is available here on Github with more notes on technical details.