The Orchestre Philharmonique et Choeur des Mélomanes, or the OPCM for short, is a Montreal-based youth orchestra and choir.

A young non-profit started in 2014 fot Arthem's then-ideal candidate. I, and thus Arthem, wanted exactly that kind of up-and-coming company in the creative industry. The OPCM, being that and also a non-profit, was superb.

Early navigation and colors

The colors and design elements have since evolved to a darker, more traditional scheme

The site was realized concurrently with 5ft25, another WordPress project. The challenges in this one however rested in both a need for bilingual site design meshed with deep content, and the lack of an established design language for such orchestras on the web.

Navigation animation

The cute navigation animation

Working with legacy color schemes, logo design and imagery proved to be a challenge too, especially considering the proposition of marrying the young appeal of the orchestra with a subject so thoroughly entrenched in the classical tradition.

The site is live here.