Speculative Play

Speculative Play was a long-running redesign of the eponymous research groups's webpage. The redesign turns the experience of navigating the web into an abstract ring of interconnected spaces. Functionally rendered as interactive, 3D scenes, the user may explore the work and biographies of artists working in the research group represented in in this alternate internate space.

the index page a project page

Work progressed through various iterations, with a considerable portion entertaining a design that presented the ultimately free-form spaces as rooms.

the index page the index page the index page
Early designs with rooms. Top represents a look that persisted for some time. Navigation and textual content was presented via an on-screen console, styled like terminal windows of early DOS computers. The middle image shows a earlier prototype where navigation commands were to be presented in a separate panel. The last image in this sequence depicts a room model with transitional elements from the earliest design iteration.

A version was preserved as delivered here.

screenshot of the original site
A screenshot of the original site. The dynamic logos, site structure and hyperlinks were preserved.